Tiny Flashlight + LED

Tiny Flashlight + LED 5.2.4

Flashing lights for your Android phone

If you're looking for a fun, feature-filled flashlight app for Android, give Tiny Flashlight + LED a try. View full description


  • Selection of widgets
  • Fun light + LED features
  • Sound
  • Works on older model devices


  • Doesn't improve the default app

Not bad

If you're looking for a fun, feature-filled flashlight app for Android, give Tiny Flashlight + LED a try.

It's a flashlight app

This flashlight replaces the default Android app, which although effective, we have to admit is a bit boring. Boring is the last thing you can call Tiny Flashlight + LED, though, an app so packed full of LED and flashlight-based features, it'll be hard to know which to pick.

Apart from the normal flashlight function, Tiny Flashlight + LED also offers you 5 other lights - screen light, flashing lights, colored lightbulb, colored light and police lights. Whether these lights are practical or for fun is debatable.

Push the button

The Tiny Flashlight + LED developer says the screen light is useful for when your phone doesn't have a camera, instead using all the screen light and a white surface for maximum reflectivity. The flashing lightsare like the warning lights you see at roadworks, the lightbulb and colored lights use the screen light in a wide variety of colors, and thepolice lights flash blue and red, just like the real thing.

As most of Tiny Flashlight + LED's functions work from the screen, rather than the LED, lots of the lights aren't very bright. It's true that there might be particular occasions in which you desperately need a faint pink light, for example, but we couldn't really think of any. Add that to the fact that the flashlight feature is only as good as the default Android one, and Tiny Flashlight + LED begins to look a little weak.

It makes light. What more do you want?

Tiny Flashlight + LED is a multi-functional flashlight app for Android. That said, it's more fun than it is practical. Why are you reading a review for a flashlight app? Just download it already.

Recent Changes

- Plugins support

- Accessibility (TalkBack and Touch-to-Explore)

- Android eco-system integration (plugins for popular Android apps, ex: Tasker)

- Dinamic graphics generation (reduced file size, support for True HD displays)

- Restricted accounts support

- Rewritten from ground-up with performance in mind

- Android Wear support

Tiny Flashlight + LED


Tiny Flashlight + LED 5.2.4